ICS WS: Get Coordinates Products


This retrieves the Raw GNSS Position Time Series from WUT-EUREF Distribuition. The analysis center parameter on ICS is prefilled.

Get coordinate objects (which is a time series) for a given stationanalysis centersampling periodcoordinates system and format.


  • marker – four letter station identification
  • analysis_center – name of desired analysis center (please refer to products/attributes/analysis_center request for possible analysis centers)
  • sampling_period – name of the resolution of solutions (please refer to products/attributes/sampling_period request for possible sampling periods)
  • coordinates_system – name of the desired coordinates system (either xyz or enu)
  • format – name of the output format (please refer to products/attributes/format request for possible output formats)

Optional parameters are:

  • reference_frame – name of the desired reference frame (please refer to products/attributes/reference_frame request for possible reference frames)
  • otl_model – name of the desired OTL model used in GNSS analysis (please refer to products/attributes/otl_model request for possible OTL models)
  • calibration_model – name of the desired antenna calibration model used in GNSS analysis (please refer to products/attributes/calibration_model request for possible calibration models)
  • cut_of_angle – value of the desired cut of angle
  • remove_outliers – remove outliers from time series or not (1 or true to remove, 0 or false to include. If no value is given, outliers are removed by default)
  • apply_offsets – apply estimated offsets to time series or not (1 or true to apply, 0 or false to not apply. If no value is given, offsets are not applied by default)
  • epoch_start – beginning of epoch (date format YYYY-MM-DD)
  • epoch_end – end of epoch (date format YYYY-MM-DD)


  • Parameters are case sensitive
  • The reference frame will be IGS08IGS14free-networkIGb08 or INGV_EU.
  • The OTL model used in GNSS analysis will be, for example, FES2004FES2014b or GOT4.10c
  • The antenna calibration model used in GNSS analysis will be, for example, epn_14_1958.atx or Gigs08_wwww.atx
  • If no start and/or end epoch date are given, the whole time series will be returned.
  • OTL model and calibration model are two parameters which refine the search.
  • Sampling period tells us if daily or weekly solutions should be obtained.
  • Cut of angle also restricts the search to solutions with cut-off angle larger than the one given.
  • Remove outliers is a boolean parameter which indicates if coordinates that are considered outliers should be included or discarded.
  • if apply offsets is true, then apply the estimated offsets value.