The organisational structure of the consortium shall comprise the following Consortium Bodies:

  • Consortium Board as the ultimate decision-making body of the consortium
  • Executive Board as the supervisory body for the execution of the work programme and it shall report to and be accountable to the Consortium Board

Two External Experts Advisory Committees (EEAC) will be set up: the Data Providers Committee and the User Feedback Group.

Data Providers Committee – The Data Providers Committee (DPC) will consist of representatives of the Agencies (one representative/agency) which committed to be a GNSS data provider (by signing the EPOS GNSS Supplier Letter) or a GNSS data node (by signing the EPOS GNSS Data Node Letter).

Looking at the number of potential data providers, this group can become very large (100+ members). The TCS Office will maintain the dynamic member list of the DPC (also foreseen as Attachment 4 of the Consortium Agreement) based on the information provided by the M3G service (Metadata Management and distribution system for Multiple GNSS networks – one of the future GNSS TCS Services) which collects the metadata about all GNSS data providers contributing to EPOS.

User Feedback Group – The User Feedback Group (UFB) will initially consist of scientific users selected by the Consortium Board (CB). In a second step, once the TCS Services will be operational, registered users will be invited to join the UFB group. The TCS Office will maintain the dynamic member list of the UFG.

The UFB will, for example, be invited to give early user feedback on new prototypes of services or be involved in usability tests of the TCS portals. Additional user feedback will be collected using feedback forms on the web portals maintained by the GNSS TCS.
Both EEACs will each elect (by simple majority vote) two representatives who will represent their interests within the CB. These representatives will be invited at all meetings of the CB.

External Experts Advisory Committees – In order to ensure the efficiency of both EEACs, one of the CB members will be appointed (by the CB) as responsible for convening the EEAC’s at least once a year, attending the EEAC meetings, writing and safeguarding the minutes of these EEAC meetings, and preparing the implementation of the EEAC’s suggestions. The TCS Secretariat/Office will assist this CB member.

Together, both EEACs will form the EPOS-GNSS community, which will follow the GNSS TCS from close by and stay informed about the GNSS services offered by EPOS. Through their representation in the CB, the user community will participate in the further development of the GNSS TCS and shape the TCS direction by providing input about their needs.


Current members of the Consortium Board


Voting members

  • Antonio Avallone (INGV)
  • Carine Bruyninx (ROB)
  • Ambrus Kenyeres (LTK)
  • Tomasz Liwosz (WUT)
  • Lidberg Martin (LM)
  • Anne Socquet (UGA)
  • Wolfgang Soehne (BKG)
  • Mathilde Vergnolle (CNRS/OCA)

Non-voting members


Current members of the Executive Board


  • Carine Bruyninx (ROB)



Current members of the User Feedback Group

  • Mattia Crespi (Italy)
  • Jeffrey Freymuller (USA)
  • Athanassios Ganas (Greece)
  • Halfdan Pascal Kierulf (Norway)
  • Benedikt Ofeigsson (Iceland)
  • Norman Teferle (Luxembourg)
  • Philippe Vernant (France)
  • Jean-Bernard Chabalier (France, Representative of Volcano TCS)
  • Semih Ergintav (Turkey, Representative of Near Fault Observatories TCS)