ICS TCS Information and Web Service API Help


There are 3 web services dedicated to GNSS Data  (metadata data of Rinex Files) and  GNSS Station Metadata:


The web services dedicated to GNSS Products divided into 3 classes:

Raw GNSS Position Time Series 

  • Raw GNSS Position Time Series from WUT-EUREF Distribution This service retrieves GNSS Positions produced by WUT for EUREF without any corrections (outlier removal, offsets corrections) and expressed in the successive realizations of ITRS. The WUT-EUREF solution is a combined coordinate solution created on the basis of GNSS solutions generated by the 16 EPN Analysis Centres (AC).

Cleaned GNSS Position Time Series

GNSS Velocities

Station Information

The 2 following services are available to help users discover available stations with products, and to list the various product search criteria :

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