Description : Returns GNSS Station objects that are disseminating GNSS PRODUCT FILES  that match the given boundary box (bbox) parameter
Detail :

GET RINEX FILES – Returns the RINEX files(s)

This WS needs three parameters criteria type (eg marker), criteria value (eg SOPH) and output format.


object_type – the type of the criteria

  • agency
  • antenna
  • city
  • combination
  • coordinatesº
  • coordinates_data
  • coordinates_data_list
  • country
  • date_rangeºº
  • format
  • length
  • marker
  • name
  • network
  • published_dateºº
  • radome
  • receiver
  • sampling_frequency
  • state
  • station_dateºº
  • type

º – this object uses “minLat=X&maxLat=X&minLon=X&maxLon=X” as it’s object instance.

ºº – this objects use “date_from=X&date_to=X” as it’s object instance.


object_instance – the value of the criteria (e.g. for country criteria may be France for marker a station such as SOPH)

output_format – the format of the output

  • csv
  • json
  • script    (this is a simple wget script  – this format is not valid for all the object_types)
  • xml


Example of the simple wget script returned

wget ftp://renag.unice.fr/data/2001/013/soph0130.01d.Z --no-passive-ftp
wget ftp://renag.unice.fr/data/2001/014/soph0140.01d.Z --no-passive-ftp

Exampe of the Rinex File metadata for one station with output type json

    "md5_checksum": "2670df6de45e602d0975249be2b74ddc",
    "data_center": {
      "hostname": "renag.unice.fr",
      "protocol": "ftp",
      "acronym": "RENAG",
      "data_center_structure": {
        "directory_naming": "data"
    "creation_date": null,
    "file_size": 281929,
    "md5_uncompressed": "8c1d315f7e7adb4a315f15709f176ff0",
    "revision_date": null,
    "file_type": {
      "format": "RINEX2",
      "sampling_window": "24h",
      "sampling_frequency": "30s"
    "name": "soph0130.01d.Z",
    "reference_date": "2001-01-13 00:00:00",
    "relative_path": "2001/013",
    "published_date": "2017-02-18 00:00:00",
    "station_marker": "SOPH",
    "status": 1