ICS WS: Get Timeseries Products


This retrieves the Cleaned GNSS Position Time Series from the EPOS aproved Distribuition. The analysis center parameter on ICS is prefilled with the selected distribuition

Get timeseries objects (which is a time series) for a given stationanalysis centersampling periodcoordinates system and format.


  • marker – four letter station identification
  • analysis_center – name of desired analysis center (please refer to products/attributes/analysis_center request for possible analysis centers)
  • sampling_period – name of the resolution of solutions (please refer to products/attributes/sampling_period request for possible sampling periods)
  • coordinates_system – name of the desired coordinates system (either xyz or enu)
  • format – name of the output format (please refer to products/attributes/format request for possible output formats)

Optional parameters are:

  • reference_frame – name of the desired reference frame (please refer to products/attributes/reference_frame request for possible reference frames)
  • otl_model – name of the desired OTL model used in GNSS analysis (please refer to products/attributes/otl_model request for possible OTL models)
  • calibration_model – name of the desired antenna calibration model used in GNSS analysis (please refer to products/attributes/calibration_model request for possible calibration models)
  • cut_of_angle – value of the desired cut of angle
  • remove_outliers – remove outliers from time series or not (1 or true to remove, 0 or false to include. If no value is given, outliers are removed by default)
  • apply_offsets – apply estimated offsets to time series or not (1 or true to apply, 0 or false to not apply. If no value is given, offsets are not applied by default)
  • epoch_start – beginning of epoch (date format YYYY-MM-DD)
  • epoch_end – end of epoch (date format YYYY-MM-DD)


  • Parameters are case sensitive
  • The reference frame will be IGS08IGS14free-networkIGb08 or INGV_EU.
  • The OTL model used in GNSS analysis will be, for example, FES2004FES2014b or GOT4.10c
  • The antenna calibration model used in GNSS analysis will be, for example, epn_14_1958.atx or Gigs08_wwww.atx
  • If no start and/or end epoch date are given, the whole time series will be returned.
  • OTL model and calibration model are two parameters which refine the search.
  • Sampling period tells us if daily or weekly solutions should be obtained.
  • Cut of angle also restricts the search to solutions with cut-off angle larger than the one given.
  • Remove outliers is a boolean parameter which indicates if coordinates that are considered outliers should be included or discarded.
  • if apply offsets is true, then apply the estimated offsets value.