List RINEX Files search parameters

It lists the possible values for the parameters that allow querying the web service Download RINEX file Metadata from EPOS Validated Providers.

The output is a JSON file.

How to use

Click on the service configuration tab and choose one of the parameters from the drop down. Then click on apply and then download using the download icon (see below) or copy URL and paste it into your browser.

The parameters that can be used by this service are (in order):

  • Country: List of all countries + 3-character ISO code
  • City: Names of the cities where EPOS-GNSS stations are installed
  • Agency: Name, abbreviation, and addresses of all agencies owning the EPOS-GNSS  (=data provider) (no country ?) 
  • Network (available soon). List of GNSS-STATION networks.
  • Station: List of the station site names and  identification codes (marker)( 4-char ID and  9-char ID) of the EPOS-GNSS stations (historical and present).


Note:  There are some inconsistencies between the name of the parameters in “List RINEX files search parameters” and “Download RINEX file… “ (e.g., marker). In addition, some parameters in “List RINEX files search parameters” are missing in the service “Download RINEX file…” (ex: there is no way to get the list of networks). 

Note: The “marker” in “Download RINEX” is the 4-char ID value returned when searching for the “station”  parameter in “List RINEX”.

Note : The “List RINEX Files search parameters” also returns information on EPOS-GNSS stations that do not yet provide RINEX data through EPOS.