GNSS Velocities

  • GNSS Station Velocities from UGA-CNRS Distribution 
  • GNSS Station Velocities from INGV Distribution
  • GNSS Station Velocities from  SGO-EPND Distribution 
  • GNSS Station Velocities from ROB-EUREF Distribution

Each of these allow the user to retrieve secular velocities for a given station, in a user-selected coordinate system and format.

The velocities with respect to a no-net-rotation global terrestrial frame (currently ITRF2014) are returned in the local components East (e), North (n), and Up (u), (Or X,Y,Z) together with the associated uncertainties: standard deviations per component (SEd, SNd, SUd) and correlations between them (Rne, Rnu, Reu)

How to use:

Click on the service configuration tab and fill-in or select the desired values for each of the 3 parameters. Then click on apply and then download using the download icon (see example below) or copy URL and paste it into your browser.

All 3 parameters are required for this service (in order):

  • Four letter station identification :  IGS standard names of GNSS receivers, uppercase
  • coordinates_system : name of the desired coordinates system, default = enu (please refer to products/attributes/coordinate_system request for all possible coordinate systems)
  • format : name of the output format, default = json (please refer to products/attributes/format request for all possible output formats) 


  • Parameters are case sensitive

Example for the Velocities from a Station in XML format