C4G UBI contribution for EPOS GNSS Products Dissemination

Work done by the GNSS Data & Products Thematic Core Services in the scope EPOS was promoted at the 19th General Assembly of WEGENER 2018 on earth deformation and the study of earthquakes using geodesy and geodynamics. There were two posters (the C4G/UBI contribution for the EPOS GNSS Products Dissemination and the EPOS GNSS Data Gateway: concept and access) and one presentation (Present-day crustal deformation in Romania from continuous and episodic GNSS measurements).

The C4G/UBI contribution for the EPOS GNSS Products Dissemination – This poster presented the efforts carried out by C4G/UBI in the framework of the EPOS (European Plate Observing System) project to support the harmonization and dissemination through a product portal of products derived from GNSS data: position time series, velocity fields and strain rate maps.

The poster was produced by the C4G/UBI team (Machiel Bos, Paul Crocker, Rafael Couto, Rui Fernandes, Rui Cardoso, Hugo Gonçalves, José Manteigueiro, Fábio Pereira and André Rodrigues). It presents that C4G/UBI will validate the velocity solutions computed by the different EPOS/EUREF analysis and combination centres. This is done by 1) comparing the solutions produced by the different methodologies; and 2) analysing each time series by screening for outliers and ensuring that jumps in the time series are being detected. C4G/UBI will be also responsible for estimating proper uncertainties for the velocities using Hector.