On this page one can find links to further documentation that describe the various components of the TCS EPOS-GNSS.


The benefits and objectives of TCS EPOS-GNSS are explained in this  flyer.


GNSS MetaData

Organisations that want to include the data of their GNSS network into EPOS, should consult the M3G website where the necessary practical information can be found.

The procedure of including GNSS data is described here. To authorise EPOS to disseminate the GNSS data and metadata and to ensure the data provider gets the proper recognition, a data supplier letter must be signed. Information about the data policy can be found here and here.

An important part is the provision of metadata: M3G login.


Data Node set-up

Organisations that want to disseminate GNSS data can find the procedure to set up a data node here. As with the provision of GNSS data and meta data, a letter must be signed. To disseminate GNSS data, one must use the GLASS software.

Download of GNSS data

Users that want to download the data should go to the GNSS Data Gateway. Here all the data is gathered in one central gateway. The following regional nodes provide data to this gateway:

Product Portal

From the GNSS data position time series (raw and cleaned) have been computed. From them velocities and strain rates have been derived. The analysis centres involved can be found here. Detailed explanations of how these products were computed are described on this website.