Glass API – Section Data

Endpoint /stations/v2/list/{data}

This endpoint returns information to the user in the database about one of the criteria chosen in the “data” parameter. Only this parameter is mandatory, if the format parameter is not filled in then the default is json. Furthermore, there is another station_data parameter that should only be used when choosing data:station, which is used to return stations that contain at least one rinex file.


The type of data required

  • agency
  • antenna
  • city
  • country
  • files_type
  • network
  • radome
  • receiver
  • state
  • station -> station_data:true

The format of the response

  • json
  • list
Example Links
Endpoint /station/v2/list/{data}
Code 200
  • Ok -> Everything went well and results returned
Code 400
  • Bad Request -> Check the entered parameters;Verifies that the API server link is correct; Checks the entered parameters.; If everything above is fine, then the API may not be working.