ROB’s GNSS Contribution to EPOS

On May 30th until June 1st, 2018, EPOS TCS GNSS Data and Products participated to the EUREF 2018 Symposium, which was hosted in Amsterdam, Netherlands. The goal of ROB’s GNSS Contribution to EPOS (by C. Bruyninx, A. Fabian, J. Legrand, E. Pottiaux, F. Roosbeek) presentation was to give an overview of how the Royal Observatory of Belgium (ROB) is presently involved in EPOS IP, how its plans to contribute to the operational phase of EPOS, and how these activities are linked with ROBs present EUREF activities. “We aim to demonstrate how ROB is heavily involved in the development of EPOS and plans to play an active role in EPOS once the infrastructure will be operational”, said Carine Bruyninx.