Present day crustal deformation in Romania from continuous and episodic GNSS measurements

Work done by the GNSS Data & Products Thematic Core Services in the scope EPOS was promoted at the 19th General Assembly of WEGENER 2018 on earth deformation and the study of earthquakes using geodesy and geodynamics. There were two posters (the C4G/UBI contribution for the EPOS GNSS Products Dissemination and the EPOS GNSS Data Gateway: concept and access) and one presentation (Present-day crustal deformation in Romania from continuous and episodic GNSS measurements).

Present-day crustal deformation in Romania from continuous and episodic GNSS measurements – Alexandra Muntean, from National Institute for Earth Physics, in Romania, presented a study with the results of analysing the continuous and episodic GNSS/GPS measurements in Romania from a homogeneous combination of all networks. This includes monitoring the crustal changes in Romania by correlating them with tectonic processes in South-East Europe and monitoring the crustal movements to shape the surface-to-depth relationships of intermediate-depth earthquakes in the Vrancea region.

At her oral presentation, on September 11th, Alexandra Muntean, also presented an analysis of all available RINEX data processed in daily batches with the “Precise Point Positioning” (PPP) strategy using the GIPSY-OASIS software. “From the resulting position time-series, the horizontal and vertical motion vectors were calculated, relative to a stable Eurasian reference frame”, she explained.

Alexandra Muntean highlighted that “the involvement in the EPOS-IP project as a member of the TCS GNSS Data and Products Working Group helped evolve the groups research approaches as well as test and implement the GLASS software package for the dissemination of GNSS data & dedicated processing outcomes, time-series, velocities, and strain-rates”. According to Alexandra, this knowledge sharing made feasible the use of state-of-the-art methodologies for a better understanding and completion of the tectonic puzzle of Solid Earth processes in this challenging structure of Southeastern Europe.