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Gets attributes for application in other requests


attribute – string with one of the possible attributes described below.

Possible attributes:

network – Gets all networks
analysis_center – Gets all available analysis centers
reference_frame – Gets all available reference frames
otl_model – Gets all available OTL models
calibration_model – Gets all available calibration models
sampling_period – Gets all available sampling periods
format – Gets all available output formats


Parameters are case sensitive
The reference frame will be IGS08, IGS14, free-network, IGb08 or INGV_EU.
The OTL model used in GNSS analysis will be, for example, FES2004, FES2014b or GOT4.10c
The antenna calibration model used in GNSS analysis will be, for example, epn_14_1958.atx or Gigs08_wwww.atx



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